Let's Try to Find Out what Goes on in the Male Barracks (2007)

Symbolism is the bridge between Romanticism and Modernism. The recordings for this movie started during summer 2004  in Antwerp, in my studio in Belgium. There I filmed the Symbolist, personified by painter-fortune teller Louis Wuytack, and the romantic, personified by musician Mauro Pawlowski. In december that year I filmed body-artist Danny Devos, as personifier of modernism, in the Paris apartment of curator/editor Guy Schraenen. Additional recordings in Berlin, Xiamen (China) and Vladivostok (Russia) were used. 16-year old young artist Raphaëlle Jamet completed the scene with the sparkle of her young enthusiasm. The presence of the city of Berlin, its history and future, but especially the here and now that I experienced during my 1-year DAAD residency, turned out to be the ideal and decisive factor to finish the film as it is. 

The symbolist  changes automatically, as a romantic, into a modernist. It's time to apprehend that modernism was the fruit of intellectual scarcity, decaying towards the ultra-artificial on every level of civilisation. Its old-fashioned rigidity has to make place for a more spiritual concept of what a human being is and needs

België is als Symbolistische brug blijven steken tussen Franse Romantiek en Duits Modernisme. Door middel van mijn film, kan ik de gebeurtenissen reorganiseren die in de 20ste eeuw tot vele intellectuele aberraties en stilstanden geleid  hebben. Mijn verhaal heeft drie protagonisten: de kunstschilder-waarzegger als symbolist (Louis Wuytack), de rockster als romanticus (Mauro Pawlowski) en de body-artist als modernist (Danny Devos). De opeenvolging van ge-erotiseerde sequenties en poëtisch beeldmateriaal vormt een hypnotische kritiek in 24 punten.

Computer animation
Duration: 15:10
  • Camera: AMVK
  • Editing: AMVK
  • Animation: AMVK
  • Soundtrack: AMVK, Mauro Pawlowski, Raphaëlle Jamet, Paul Mennes, Bum Collar
  • Actors: Danny Devos, Guy Schraenen, Louis Wuytack, Mauro Pawlowski, Raphaëlle Jamet
  • Produced by: DAAD-Berlin / Club Moral