Flashback (2013)

This animation doesn't give a smooth view. It is as you assist someone else who clicks and looks. As i recall the atmosphere in the beginning of the sixties, it was gloomy and a strange brew of eroticism and violence was luring everywhere, though at that time I was too young to discern the multitude of phenomena. Violence, transgression and romance… looking on television at images of concentration camps and then a picture of a living foetus floating in the female womb. 

I made a collage with the Serge Gainsbourg song and clip  "Les YéYé" (1962) and the interior of the house that modernist and banned Hungarian architect Marcel Breuer built for himself when he had moved to the USA. Where the frenchman sings trendy about Lolita, a knife and Sing Sing, Marcel Breuer had fitted mid-European aesthetics into American high standard society. The overall relation between consciousness and place is schismatic after World War 2 .

I tried to evoke the withdrawn but upbeat atmosphere of latent aggressivity, threat and upcoming change that was dominant in 1963 and felt by me as a teenager.

Computer animation
Duration: 02:49
  • Animation: AMVK
  • Soundtrack: AMVK