"'Deeper' is a video work of about forty minutes, in which AMVK tries to treat obvious, banal pictures in such a way that a new, anything except banal and even alarming reality arises. The character of the movement artist Marc Vanrunxt figures as human presence on a bridge across the motorway, in a room, a garden, an artist workshop etc.. Those pictures are cut through by other pictures, doubled and divided, discoloured and solarised." ... "In this case, the one of AMVK thus, art is no funny moment of aesthetic pleasure, but a confrontation with the onderworld in one's own brain."

( Marc Ruyters in Tijd Cultuur, 14 mei 2003)



De anti-strategie van elke modernistische reductieregel verliest haar kracht in de onvermijdelijke confrontatie met de abstracte systemen van radicale negatie en weigering. Dieper gebruikt die modernistische reductieregel als stijlelement om via een soort anti-kwaad, in de essentie van de materie af te dalen. Dus ook af te dalen in het denken, op zoek naar het immorele, de anti-materie.

Dieper in de stof, verder uit de hel, met het symbolisme mee,  de afgronden in van het menselijke, dat is de bedoeling.

03/03/03 AMVK



The subtitle of the 44-minute movie is: " deeper into matter, further away from hell ". What philosophers did before is now being done by particles-scientists: to investigate the essence of matter... Dieper is an anti-sade work. Made in the tradition of the lettrist cinema Dieper reads as much as a book than as it does as a film.



Dieper: computer animated film and installation

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from 26 Apr 2003 to 31 May 2003
in Kunsthalle Lophem, Brugge, Belgium.