This exhibition is an exercise in weaving—or yielding. How can the works of three artists who don’t know each other, have never met and have developed their practices in three different contexts, dialogue, connect and intersect—and eventually merge into one and the same exhibition?

Joëlle de La Casinière from Brussels, Ana Jotta from Lisbon and the Antwerp-based Anne Mie Van Kerckhoven all have in common to pay no heed to the trends of contemporary art. Moreover, they have unwaveringly fought throughout their career to avoid being categorized or labelled. Instead, they followed their own paths, turned underground or remained indifferent to the twists and turns of the art market and the institutions. They have sometimes created alter egos, hid or playfully modified their names to somehow react to the branding of identity in the art world, and to the forced marginalization they have suffered as women artists, as well as artists living in peripheral cities. In a way, paradoxically, being marginalized made them work against the grain, to opt for a calculated versatility of media and styles, and an idiosyncratic vocabulary, keeping total freedom as their one and only rule.

In respect of their freedom and eccentricity, the exhibition will not aim at producing an archive or a scientific statement, and will deliberately blur any sense of chronology, when combining existing works from the last four decades with new productions.

Curator: François Piron

Three Moral Tales

from 15 Jun 2019 to 25 Aug 2019
in Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden.